Stormstand Investment Limited is an investment company focusing on delivering top-notch Real Estate, Education, Technology, Insurance, Food  and Entertainment services. A multi-million dollar investment company, the company strives to help individuals gain financial stability and achieve financial freedom. Stormstand Investment Limited serves entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies and is the brainchild of Abdullahi Musa – A philanthropist, politician, and serial entrepreneur who shares a great passion for serving the community and bridging the gap between people and their lifelong ambitions.


Cookery is a Drink, food and spice  company that  makes a large family of products with seasonings and spices that are part of the cultural cuisine and heritage of  the African traditions that includes Jollof rice, Kunu aya, Kunu Pap and Yaji spice. These product are in 500 and stores globally, Nigeria, Ghana, United states and continuously expanding everyday to reach all the maximum consumers 


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